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351M & 400M Connecting Rod Casting Marks Location, pic & Info; "...The casting ID codes are clearly visible on this rod end cap. Once again, note that the connecting rods in this D7TE engine are the original 400 design from 1971 (D1AE-AA). Many M-block components did not change significantly from the original 400 design. The machined surface in the middle of the connecting rod end is evidence of factory balancing. Sometimes, you can find a casting date code on the other side of the connecting rod end from the casting ID codes..."
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Bearing, Thrust Washer & Rod Sets, Federal Mogul Specs, Bronco & Ford, many engines and years
Source: by Federal-Mogul
Calculator; will give you the proper piston head volume with a known compression ratio
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Oil Consumption Test TSB 90-01-09 for 5.0L EFI in 87-90 Bronco, F Series & many others
Source: by Ford via Chilton
Piston Compression Height Calculator; get the approximate piston compression height.
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Piston, Ring, Rod & Bearing Specifications, Bronco & Ford
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Rod Ratios & Stroke, Ford & many makes
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Vacuum Gauge Diagnosis
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Vacuum Gauge Diagnosis - BEST!; Normal engine; Steady gauge 18"-20" at all speeds..." READ MUCH MORE
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