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Washer & Coolant Reservoir Loose TSB 95-24-07 for 95-96 Bronco & F Series
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Circuit in Multi-Function Switch (MFS) Testing & Wiring Diagram in 92-96; "...the MFS testing is done with connectors disconnected; it's strictly an internal test of the MFS; There is no testing for the WCM - you test the MFS, the wiper & spray motors, and the wiring. If they're good but don't operate, it has to be the WCM by elimination..." Miesk5 NOTE; Brake Light & Turn, High & Low Headlight Dimmer, Flash-to-Pass & Hazard CKTs are a Feed-Through Circuit in Multi-Function Switch (MFS)
Source: by Steve83 (Steve, That dirty old truck) at
Fluid Pump Pigtail Repair & part number in an 85
Source: by Chris B (Blue, bronco boy) at
Fluid Pump Removal Discussion in a 96
Source: by members at FSB
Fluid Pump Removal in a 96; " Steve83, It's a PITA, but you can use a hooked pick to CAREFULLY release each tab of the locking ring behind the motor & work the ring out slowly. If you bend it, it probably won't lock again, & if you try to straighten a bent one, it will probably break; by Eric, got that ring out. I used a dental pick to get 3/4ths of the ring a little bit pulled up. Then I broke the pick. So I got my snap ring pliers and put on the curved long tip but put it on so it clamps when you squeeze the handle. Then I managed to grab a tab and pull it up some and it brought a few other tabs up with it and so I just slowly moved around and pulled up until it popped out. I also used a tiny bit of seafoam deep creep on it so it would slide out easier..."
Source: by Steve83 & Eric K (Marauder) at FSB
Fluid Pump Replacement & Test in an 89
Source: by DGW1949 at FSB
Pin-Point Testing & Wiring Diagrams in a 96 from 1996 F-150, F-250, F-350, F-Super Duty and Bronco Workshop Manual
Source: by Ford via
Reservoir Installation in an 81
Source: by Matt K (1BadBronco, 81Bronk36) at
Spray Nozzle Operation & Pattern Diagram in 92-96; "...The windshield washer system has two windshield washer nozzle jet and brackets (17603) located on the cowl vent screens (018A16). The washer system is activated by pushing in on the outboard end of the multi-function switch (13K359). This action energizes a windshield washer pump (17664) mounted inside a cavity in the windshield washer reservoir (17618 ). The windshield washer reservoir is mounted on the fender apron. If multi-function switch is in OFF or INT position, windshield wiper will run as long as knob is pushed in. When the knob is released, washers will stop immediately, but windshield wipers will continue to run for three to four cycles before returning to OFF or interval operation. If the multi-function switch is in LO or HI position, washers operate with no change in windshield wiper operation. NOTE: The windshield washer nozzle jet and bracket sprays windshield washer fluid in a fan-like pattern onto the windshield glass (03100), but the jet is actually a single oscillating stream. Only actuate the system momentarily to avoid sending more fluid than needed through the system. The windshield washer nozzle jet and bracket is not adjustable, and is mounted to the cowl vent screens. Do not apply shop air pressure. Do not insert any object to adjust or clean nozzles..."
Source: by Steve83 (Steve, That dirty old truck) at
Spray Nozzle Removal & Cleaning in 92-96; "...If you look closely where their bases meet the paint, you should find a tiny slot. If you insert a straightened paperclip, you'll compress the locking tab, and allow it to release easier..."
Source: by Steve83 (Steve, That dirty old truck) at FSB
Upgrade Installation, 98 Jeep in a 90; " bronco's dual purpose washer bottle/coolant recovery tank was a peice of shit, its a horse shit design, with a crappy holding capacity for fluids,not to mention the intake pump sucked, and squirted fluid out with lackluster results...the jeeps factory washer tank, has TWO built in sumped washer pumps{jeep has rear wiper+ sprayer}...i used a T fitting to plumb it so with the broncos push button wiper switch it sprayed BOTH pumps at once...i had to readjust the sprayers because the pressure was insane, it shot fluid clear up and over the bronco and a goot 5 feet BEHIND the that they are properly aimed, it literally BLASTS the damn mud off the truck,not to mention the jeeps washer tank holds almost a full two gallons when empty. i also used the jeeps overflow container because its easier to read/holds more coolant..."
Source: by 90bronco351 at FSB
Upgrade Installation, Additional Pump & Tank Run Through B Pillar & Camper Top in a 79 (pics are gone)
Source: by Built79 (fordamud, blushrk) at FSB
Upgrade Installation, Additional Pump & Tank Run through B Pillar to Windshield Top in an 89
Source: by triplesix at
Wiper Control Module (WCM) Testing in 92-96; "...the wiper control module is mounted to the R of the glove box, and is easy to get to. It converts the resistance signals from the MFS into high-current signals to the wiper motor; the spray & all other wiper functions are controlled by the WCM..."
Source: by Ford via Steve83 (Steve, That dirty old truck) at
Wiring Diagram in 78 Bronco & 76-78 F Series
Source: by Blue79 at
Wiring Diagram in 92-95 Bronco & F Series
Source: by Steve83 (Steve, That dirty old truck) at
Wiring Diagram in an 81 F 150
Source: by Chilton via miesk5 at FSB
Wiring Diagram in an 86 & Ford truck
Source: by Agnem (The Moosestang) at
Wiring Diagram with interval timer in an 83
Source: by Seabronc (Rosie, Fred W) at Ford Bronco Zone Forums
Wiring Diagram without interval timer in an 83
Source: by Seabronc (Rosie, Fred W) at Ford Bronco Zone Forums
Wiring Harness & Component Location Diagram, Ford Part Numbers, Depictions, etc. from Ford Workshop Manual in 96 Bronco, F-150, F-250, F-350, F-Super Duty Chassis Cab & Motorhome Chassis; use your Browser's SEARCH (or FIND) function to locate what you seek in each Diagram, such as Air Bag or E4OD, etc.
Source: by Ford via