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Belt & Hose Parts Catalog, Bronco/Ford truck & all Fords w/Ford Part Numbers, Illustrations & Cross Ref
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DTC P1408 - EGR Flow Out of Self-Test Range; "... This test is performed during the KOER on demand self-test only. The EGR system is commanded ON at a fixed engine speed. The test fails and the DTC is output when the measured EGR flow falls below the required calibrated minimum. See Possible Causes for DTC P0401..."
Source: by slingblade at The National Lightning Owners Club
Engine Conversion Kits for Bronco & Ford Trucks (sales catalog w/pics & descriptions)
Source: by L&L
High Idle & Dieseling Troubleshooting Chart in a 94, from PCED Chart 7 for a 94; Preliminary Checks; Overheating or not Reaching Normal Operating Temperature, Vacuum Leaks, Throttle Plate & Linkage, Speed Control Chain Binding/Sticking, Air Intake Tube/ Intake Manifold Leaks..." READ MORE
Source: by Ford via Steve83 (Steve, That dirty old truck) at
Pulley Ratio; "...Generally, the alternator should be 1:1 with the motor for circle track racing. For drag racing, the alternator should be overdriven by a ratio of 1.75:1 or more. This will allow charging on the return slip and in staging. For street use, we recommend 3:1..." read More
Repair Price Estimator, Bronco from 90-96 and other Fords; including labor & parts, shops in area, by Zip Code
Source: by RepairPal