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Overview & Legend from 40 to 80's; GREAT INFO!; such as; It would read E for the decade (1982); T for All truck 1958-65; light and medium truck including [b]Bronco 1974-82[/b]; light truck and Bronco I 1983-later; E (probably) for Engine Engineering; Powertrain and Chassis product Engineering
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200, 250, 300 (4.9)
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221, 260, 289, Boss 302, 302, 351C & M, 400 & M, 429, 460, & CJ & PI,
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289, 302, 300, 351W, 351C, 351M, 390, 400, 429, 460 & other Ford (site is often temp. down, check often)
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351C/M, 400, 429, 460 Block & Head - NEW SITE
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351M & 400M Connecting Rod Casting Marks Location, pic & Info; "...The casting ID codes are clearly visible on this rod end cap. Once again, note that the connecting rods in this D7TE engine are the original 400 design from 1971 (D1AE-AA). Many M-block components did not change significantly from the original 400 design. The machined surface in the middle of the connecting rod end is evidence of factory balancing. Sometimes, you can find a casting date code on the other side of the connecting rod end from the casting ID codes..."
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351M & 400M Crankshaft Casting Marks Location, pic & Info; "...Cleveland Foundry (CF) mark on #1 main bearing cap. Main bearing caps #1 through #4 are marked with the position number, an arrow pointing toward the front of the engine, a foundry mark, and sometimes a date code. The date code on this cap is 8F12 (June 12, 1978). Crankshaft ID code (1KA) for a 351M crankshaft. The 351M ID code is cast into the side of the first counterweight. Just below the casting ID code in the picture is a letter "H" stamped into a machined surface. That is probably a quality control mark. (and 3.) Machined and drilled parts of the rear crankshaft counterweight. These are adjustments to balance the crankshaft at the factory. Cleveland Foundry (CF) mark on #5 main bearing cap. The #5 main bearing cap is usually not marked because it is unique, wider than the other main bearing caps, with a groove for the rear main seal. Note that the main bearing cap in this D7TE engine is the original 400 design from 1971 (D1AE-AA). .."
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351M & 400M Location, pic & Info; "...This is the block casting ID code for a 77-up MCC truck block (D7TE-A-2-B). Notice the code appears upside down, about an inch and a half below the deck, on the right side of the engine, toward the rear. If this engine was installed in a vehicle, you wouldn't be able to see the block casting ID code without removing the starter.All blocks designed for trucks have the D7TE prefix. Truck blocks have a revised #3 main (thrust) bearing support web to withstand the additional thrust load imposed by a clutch..."
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352, 390, 406, 427 and 428 Engine Block Identification
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FORD PICKUP TRUCK RED BOOK, 1946-93 Model Year Including Bronco, Ranger, etc. Overview w/Changes, Some Years w/Pics, GVW, Body, Engine, Transmission & Rear Axle Codes, Exterior Body & Interior Trim Color Codes, MSRP, Optional Equipment & Prices; Appendix A contains Overviews & Examples of; Warranty & Rating Plates, Build Date Stamp, Casting Dates & Manufacturing dates, Sheet Metal Date Codes, District Codes (DSOs), Assembly Plant Codes & Production Date Codes. Also includes F-SERIES TRUCK PRODUCTION FIGURES for 1946-79 including Bronco for 78-79; READ A LOT HERE! MIESK5 NOTE; site is down now & Internet Archive does not have an archived copy of each section; will leave Link in here in case site comes back
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Overview & Legend
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Overview & Legend; Good Stuff, up to 90's
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Overview, Legend & Location
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