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Source: by Ford Racing Performance Parts�
Dimensions & Weights: 221-260-289-302, 351 Cleveland & Windsor, FE Series 352-390-406-410-427-428, Boss 429, 429-460, 427 SOHC, 4.6L SOHC or DOHC
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Dimensions & Weights: 289/302 & Boss, 351W, 351C, 351/400M, 332-428, 427 SOHC, 429/460 & Boss
Source: by
Dimensions & Weights: 289/302 & Boss, 351W, 351C, 351/400M, 332-428, 427 SOHC, 429/460 & Boss
Source: by Tom M via Geoff I at
Dimensions, Block, Competition, Chart, Ford
Source: by
Dimensions, L, W, H; 221-302, 351C/W, 429/460, 4.6 SOHC & DOHC
Source: by SAE via
Dimensions: 302/5.0, 302HO, 351W, 400, 351C, 352-428, 429, 460, 514
Source: by BoxWrench�
Dimensions: Engine & Starter & Sump Locations, 351W, 351-400 C/M, 352-427 FE
Source: by
Dimensions: Ford & many makes 49-80, bore, stroke, deck height, bore center distance, intake port layout, rod length, crankshaft journal sizes
Source: by panic (Jeffrey D) at
Dimensions: Ford & many makes; W, H, L
Source: by
Engine Compartment Dimensions in 92-96 (in mm)
Source: by Steve83 (Steve, That dirty old truck) at
Engine Installation And Tuning Tips; Lug Nut Chart; Center Cap Chart; Engine Quick Reference Chart; Engine Block Quick Reference Chart; Basic Engine Dimensions Chart; Speedometer Gear Usage Chart; Ford Racing Camshaft Specifications
Source: by Ford Racing Performance Parts�
Piston, Ring, Rod & Bearing Specifications, Bronco & Ford
Source: by Federal-Mogul
Weights, Ford V8
Source: by Big Mike C. (tainted love) at FSB
Weights: 289, 302 & Boss, 5.0. 351W, 351C, 351-400M, 272-312Y block, 332-428, 429-460 & Boss, 4.6, Triton V 10 & other Ford
Source: by Dave W at
Weights: 4.9, 5.0 up to 83 & 83+, 5.8C, 5.8M, 5.8W, 7.5, 7.3
Source: by Chris B at