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Engine oil leaks are sometimes improperly diagnosed as transmission pump seal leaks. "The following areas of possible leakage should also be checked to determine if engine oil leakage is causing the problem. Leakage at the valve cover may allow engine oil to flow over the converter housing or seep down between the converter housing and block causing oil to be present in or at the bottom of the converter housing. Oil plug leaks will allow oil to flow down the rear face of the block to the converter housing. Leakage at the crankshaft seal will work back to the flywheel, and then into the converter housing. Leak Check Test with Black Light Oil soluble aniline or fluorescent dyes premixed at the rate of 2.5ml (1/2 teaspoon) of dye powder to 0.24L (0.5 pint) of automatic transmission fluid have proven helpful in locating the source of fluid leakage. Such dyes may be used to determine whether an engine fluid or transmission fluid leak is present, or if the fluid in the transmission fluid cooler hose leaks into the engine coolant system. An ultraviolet light must be used to detect the fluorescent dye solution. " from 1996 Bronco with E4OD Automatic Transmission Workshop Manual
Source: by Ford via miesk5 at Ford Bronco Zone Forums