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Bolt Removal Process
Source: by 79broncorama at FSB
By-Pass & Heater Water Pumps tubes to heater core pics in a 92 5.8
Source: by 2bet at
By-Pass 3-Way Tee (one leg runs to throttle body) Replacement & pics in a 90; "...An Agriculture Supply shop that builds custom crop sprayers had high temp plastic. One 1/2 inch T and one 1/2" to 3/8" coupler, new hoses, and new clamps..."
Source: by Supersanbob (Super Bronco) at
By-Pass Hose Installation in an 87
Source: by 87BroncoEB (87EBBronco, Mike) at FSB
By-Pass Hose Installation Info & pics in an 87 5.0
Source: by 87BroncoEB (87EBBronco, Mike) at
Description & Operation, Diagnosis & Testing, Removal & Installation, Service Procedures, Cleaning & Inspection & Special Service Tools/Equipment in a 96 from 1996 F-150, F-250, F-350, and Bronco Workshop Manual
Source: by Ford via
How to Determine Water Pump Rotation by Impeller Design., General; All vane type water pumps
Source: by
Installation in a 92 5.8
Source: by digitalbill (Bill Crozier) at FSB
Installation in a 92 5.8
Source: by digitalbill (Bill Crozier) at
Installation in a 92 5.8
Source: by 2bet at FSB
Installation in an 89 5.0
Source: by Brahma502 at
Installation pics in a 92 5.8
Source: by 2bet at
Installation Tips in a 79 400M
Source: by Gary C at via
Installation Tips; Page P-3
Source: by Ford at
Installation, (Edelbrock Victor Series) in a 78-79
Source: by Paul E at
Leak Detection, General
Source: by
Source: by Steve83 (Steve, That dirty old truck) at
Removal Video in a 94 Part 1
Source: by civicboy123 at
Removal Video in a 94 Part 2
Source: by civicboy123 at
Repair in a 90
Source: by RFR (Mark B) at via
Repair in an 88
Source: by bAdKARma88 (Perry T, Bad Karma) at
Repair Price Estimator, Bronco from 90-96 and other Fords; including labor & parts, shops in area, by Zip Code
Source: by RepairPal
Replacement in an 86 5.0
Source: by Sixlitre (Malcolm H, Eddie Bauer) at
Weep Hole; Underneath Pulley Shaft; "...It's a weep hole to let you know when the seal around the impeller fails. If it's leaking from there, you'll have to replace the water pump..."
Source: by Dustin S (Dustball, Mellow Yellow, Mr. Laser Boy) at FSB