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Ford Pump
Gear Box
Power Steering Noise TSB 93-26-5 for 90-94
Saginaw Pump
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AGR Performance, Inc. Installation in an 85 (all pics are gone)
Source: by Eric T (Eric 6equals8) at via
AGR Power Steering Instructions
Source: by AGR via Ryan M (Fireguy50) at
Power Steering Pressure Switch (5.0L Only); The Power Steering Pressure Switch signals the EEC Module when power steering pressure exceeds 350 psi ±50. The engine then increases idle speed to compensate for the additional load. It appears the switch was deleted from the '94 model year. It only shows up in the diagrams until '93. the switch is directly above the steering box."
Source: by Sportruk at fordtruckworld
Power Steering Pressure Switch Location in an 85 302 (Scroll Down); "...screwed into the high pressure port of the PS pump..."
Source: by Chris B (Blue, bronco boy) at
Power Steering Pressure Switch Overview; see page 34 in Ford EEC IV Operation & Testing Overview; PowerPoint Presentation
Source: by Ryan M (Fireguy50) at
Power Steering Pressure Switch Wiring Diagram in 87-89 Bronco & F series (Mitchell)
Source: by equivalent (Beetlejuice) at
Power Steering Pressure Switch Wiring Diagram in an 86 5.0
Source: by Xris at
Power Steering Pressure Switch Wiring Diagram in an 89
Source: by SeattleFSB (Seattle FSB) at
Power Steering Pressure Switch; EEC IV Pin-Outs (Partial) in 88-89 & 90-91 Bronco 4.9; 88-90, 91 & 92-93 Bronco 5.0; 88-91 & 92-93 Bronco 5.8; Looking Into Harness Connectors in Ford Electronic Engine Control Overview, Chapter 12, of Ford Fuel Injection and Electronic Engine Control: How to Understand, Service and Modify, 1988-1993
Source: by Charles O. Probst via
Repair Price Estimator, Bronco from 90-96 and other Fords; including labor & parts, shops in area, by Zip Code
Source: by RepairPal
Shaft Popping/Creaking TSB 97-03-10 for 80-96 BRONCO, F-150, F-250 LD 1980-97 F-250 HD, F-350 1988-97 F SUPER DUTY, F-47
Source: by Ford via muddyford911 at
Steering Linkage Parts Diagram for Bronco & F150, 92-96
Source: by Steve83 (Steve, That dirty old truck) at
Steering Wheel Adjustment, Removal & Installation in an 80 Bronco, F & E Series; part of column R&R, 11.2 MB pdf file
Source: by
Troubleshooting, All Bronco & Ford, mid-70s to 00
Source: by Ford via Steve83 (Steve, That dirty old truck) at