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Four Link Calculator vers 1.5 html
Source: by Benjamin P at
Installation, w/Dana 50 (1999, ball joint, unitized hubs, 30-spline, 4:88, Detroit Locker, disc brakes) in a 96
Source: by bigTXbronco at FSB
pics & info in a 94 w/10.25 Sterling
Source: by BigBad94Bronco (L.I. Monster Bronco, HAD2DOIT, 1Ton94Bronco (Joe D) at
pics & info in a 95
Source: by doubled1178 at FSB
pics & info in an 87
Source: by appy at FSB
pics in a 9 inch 79
Source: by Pat P (Drag Bronco, 514 Bronco Beast) at
pics in an 84; "the rear is full 4 link on .75 hyem joint and sports the factory front coils. the motor is the 300 straight 6 the axils are 4:88 gear and the syder gears are welded front and rear"
Source: by battles357 at
pics in an 87
Source: by appy at
pics in an 89; "Unlike most Broncos you see running around the desert, this one is sporting a custom built Solo Motorsports four-link suspension. You sacrifice a lot of cabin space running this type of suspension but the pay off is well worth it in our opinion. Solo chose Fox 2.5 coilovers and smooth body shocks for the rear as well as Fox 4-inch 2.0 air bumps. The rear travel measures a whopping 21 inches. Solo enclosed the shock mounts for the four-link on either side of the rear seat. This helps keep noise and dirt out of the cabin. As we mentioned earlier, you sacrifice a little bit of room with this suspension"
Source: by Solo Motorsports via Off-Road Magazine
pics, Front in a 90; "8.8 w/fourlink front w/ custom colis from valley spring works, rancho shocks"
Source: by Roland T at