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Lubrication, Daystar Polyurethane Bushing; "...Daystarâ„¢ Lubrathane is specially formulated with Teflon* so that it lubricates, insulates and penetrates. When applied during installation it creates a durable, protective film to lubricant between your polyurethane and metal components. It virtually eliminates metal to metal contact even under the most extreme conditions. Lubrathane is water proof and corrosion resistant, and will not attract dirt or sand..."
Source: by Daystar
Lubrication, Polyurethane Bushing; "...The best information we have acquired about this is from the people that prefer to use polyurethane. Here is a list: Slick 50 grease . Slick 50 spray lube. AntSeeze lube. Moly graph based wheel bearing grease. The key is to use a lube that will not wash out easily. A normal automotive type lube/grease will work or use a marine type lube. Check with your local marine/boat dealer for this. You can also use silicone spray lubricant (available in auto parts stores), it will provide an easy but temporary relief from squeaks..."
Source: by Ingalls
Two basic leaf spring types are used by Ford in 80-96; Common" Rubber Style With Outer Metal Shell & "Molded-In" Rubber Style No Outer Metal Shell
Source: by via
Wobble Diagnosis; check for loose spring bushings
Source: by Carl J at