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"End of TTB" Bulletin (this is the only title I could make up for this info); "...Ever since Ford began making four-wheel drive pick-up trucks and Broncos, you could always be certain that the front axle in these vehicles was a Spicer axle. Beginning with the 1997 model year all F-150 and full-size Broncos will have Ford manufactured independent front suspension. It is important to correctly identify the model year of one of these Ford vehicles. Some 1997 Fords were released for sale during the 1996 model year. These will have the new Ford manufactured axle design. The two axle designs are easily distinguishable from each other. The Spicer design is the one that you are familiar with called "twin traction" by Ford and the independent front suspension by Spicer. It contains cardan-type universal joints and two pivoting support arms. The Ford design has ball-type constant velocity joints and is similar in appearance to a front-wheel drive passenger car. Spicer parts will fit only the Spicer design axles..."
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DIY TTB Alignment Procedures
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DIY TTB Alignment Procedures
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DIY TTB Alignment Procedures & Tips; "...Prior to doing any alignment verify wheel bearings, ball joints and tie rods are not loose. And don't look at the factory alignment specs; these are for stock tires, on stock rims, at stock ride height. Toe-in is the easiest to adjust and has the most to do with how your tires wear. Most people adjust it 1st but remember changing camber will effect it a lot and caster changes can effect it as well, so it should be set close prior to setting camber and caster then reset after all other adjustments are made..." READ MORE
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Alignment Settings TSB 93-23-24 for 94 Bronco, F Series, Aerostar, Explorer & Ranger
Source: by Ford via Chilton
Autofab Extra wide TTB w/6 inch Lift Installation for Bronco & F150 (part ad)
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Autofab Extra wide TTB w/6 inch Lift Installation w/Deaver Spring's J40 Rear Leaf Springs in a 96
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Dana 44 HD Parts Break-Out Diagram
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History, Bronco
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History, Bronco; "...In 1980, the Bronco went from a straight Dana 44 front axle to what Ford calls the Twin Traction Beam front suspension. The TTB system is Ford抯 �-� version of an independent 4WD front suspension. Mechanically, the TTB axle is similar to a straight axle, however, it uses a hinge in the middle. Think of a totally open pair of scissors and you have the idea. The inboard ends of the housings are attached to a frame crossmember, while the outboard ends support the steering knuckle and are attached to the frame through the springs and radius arms. The TTB Dana 44 is similar to its straight sibling and some parts are interchangeable條ike the axle stub shafts and locking hubs (except for �-� vehicles with manual hubs). However, the knuckles and spindles are not. Ring-and-pinions will also interchange with other reverse-rotation Dana 44s..."
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Information & Differences through the Years
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Parts Break-Out Diagram (TTB HD) in 80-96 w/ Nomenclature
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Parts Break-Out Diagram in an 80 351M
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Ride Height in an 89; "...Ride height from the factory ranged from 3", 3.5", 4", and 4.5". This depended which wheel and tire package came on the vehicle as they offered several different combinations. The only way to know what the ride height was on your vehicle out of the factory is to have the window sticker or build sheet that will have the size of tires and the size of the rims listed. As long as the wheel alignment is done to the same ride height specs, you can set yours at any of the above .Here are overall specs: .." READ MORE & view charts
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Stock TTB Setup showing where Camber and Castor are measured. "...The only place for adjustment of Camber/Castor on the stock setup is by changing bushings around the upper ball joint. This only allows for about 2-3 dregrees of adjustment in any direction..."
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Towing in a 96 from Owner's Guide; "...Required equipment; Super Cooling is required with trailers over 2,000 lb (907 kg). Super Cooling and Handling/Suspension Package or trailer towing package is required with trailers over 3,500 lb (1587 kg)..."
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TTB Moved Forward 1.5" info & pics in an 80
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Upgrades, Truss, Pivot Bushings, etc. in a 96
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Upgrades, Truss, Pivot Bushings, etc. pics in a 96
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