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Driveability TSB 89-12-09 for 84-89 351HO Econoline & F Series
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A Technical Service Bulletin (TSB) is issued when a known problem or condition exists in a certain vehicle(s) and contains a repair for that problem. A TSB can also be issued to notify dealerships of diagnostic procedure changes, modified or improved parts or service manual revisions and updates; are issued by a vehicle manufacturers to alert technicians to product updates and known issues. They are not, in any way, an extension of, or addition to, the new car warranty. If the condition in a TSB happens in warranty, then the condition is repaired under the warranty. If it happens outside the warranty period, it is up to the customer to pay for the repair. Under some circumstances there may be the possibility of a "Good Will" repair. This means that the vehicle is just out of warranty but has a known problem and either the dealer or the auto maker will warranty the repair in order to satisfy a customer. TSB's are for informational purposes only. They are not recalls. TSBs are "Reimbursable within the provisions of the warranty". This means if the vehicle is within it's warranty period, repair as outlined by the TSB is paid for by the manufacturer. If the vehicle is out of warranty, the customer is responsible for the repairs. A safety recall involving a motor vehicle or an item of motor vehicle equipment can be independently conducted by a manufacturer or ordered by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). In either case, the manufacturer must file a public report describing the safety-related defect or noncompliance with a Federal motor vehicle safety standard, the involved vehicle/equipment population, the major events that resulted in the recall determination, a description of the remedy, and a schedule for the recall. NHTSA monitors each safety recall to ensure the manufacturers provide owners safe, free, and effective remedies according to the Safety Act and Federal regulations. Manufacturers are obligated to attempt to notify owners of recalled products. For vehicles, that means manufacturers merge their own records of vehicle purchasers with current state vehicle registration information. For equipment, where state registration records do not exist, manufacturers are obligated to notify their distribution chain and known purchasers of the recalled equipment. However, even if you do not receive a notification, if your vehicle, child restraint, or other item of equipment is involved in a safety recall, the manufacturer is obligated to provide a free remedy.
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