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Availability of New Silicone Gasket & Sealant TSB 98-7-4 for 84-96 Bronco; 84-98 Econoline, F-150, F-250 HD, F-250 LD; 84-99 Super Duty F Series, etc.
Gasket Removal TSB 93-23-14 for 88-93 Bronco, F Series, Aerostar, Econoline & many others
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Clean-Up in a 90 5.0; one pic is gone; Bronco Journal Entry #13. May 17th, 2003 Work Project: Valve Cover Recovery. Whilst I was in the mood and the plenum was off again, I thought this would be a good time to spruce up the valve covers a might. This is not a huge task - other than the surface preparation for the new paint it would receive. The valve covers came off easily - just 6 bolts and tap in a wide steel scraper between the cover and head gasket. In fact - the gasket came off in perfect condition - I am thinking someone changed them not long ago. I will place new gaskets in anyways as a good shop practice. Not much to really say about the job - the longest time was spent cleaning the covers. I gave the covers a cleansing bath with gasoline and scraped off any gunk. I then applied paint remover until the old paint bubbled up - I used Circa1850 paint remover - one coat and the wire brush had no problem spinning off the old paint. Of course, there was some rust - this was removed as best as possible, and any pits were given a coat of that miracle stuff - yep, rust converter. Any stubborn rust (those raised and pitted areas) were sanded off with a Craftsman disk sander (a unit no longer available anywhere - but is better than the ones you buy today) to remove the rust infection. The converter was applied on all areas of the covers to ensure no hidden pits of rust could cause any future damage. These are some pix of the before and during and after of the valve covers restorative procedure. Note the centre photo - a great method to work on the cover is to screw it to a wood piece with screws and soft (aluminum) washers. One must be careful not to distort the cover in any of the work operations. And finally, the painted cover in pic3. Click on any pix to see a larger version. May 19th: The covers were installed and are lookin' good! A little elbow grease and paint go a long way in giving things under the hood a fresh and new look. Unfortunately, the few jobs I did have inspired me to start looking around the engine compartment for more revitalizing projects - what have I started?..."
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Engine oil leaks are sometimes improperly diagnosed as transmission pump seal leaks. "The following areas of possible leakage should also be checked to determine if engine oil leakage is causing the problem. Leakage at the valve cover may allow engine oil to flow over the converter housing or seep down between the converter housing and block causing oil to be present in or at the bottom of the converter housing. Oil plug leaks will allow oil to flow down the rear face of the block to the converter housing. Leakage at the crankshaft seal will work back to the flywheel, and then into the converter housing. Leak Check Test with Black Light Oil soluble aniline or fluorescent dyes premixed at the rate of 2.5ml (1/2 teaspoon) of dye powder to 0.24L (0.5 pint) of automatic transmission fluid have proven helpful in locating the source of fluid leakage. Such dyes may be used to determine whether an engine fluid or transmission fluid leak is present, or if the fluid in the transmission fluid cooler hose leaks into the engine coolant system. An ultraviolet light must be used to detect the fluorescent dye solution. " from 1996 Bronco with E4OD Automatic Transmission Workshop Manual
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Gasket Installation in an 89 5.0
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Gasket Installation in an 89 5.0
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Gasket Installation Info in a 92 5.0
Source: by David S (dsickles) at FSB
Installation pics in an 88 5.8
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Repair Price Estimator, Bronco from 90-96 and other Fords; including labor & parts, shops in area, by Zip Code
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Replacement in 87, 88, 89+ 5.0/5.8
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