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Standardization of All Emisson Control Parts & Names TSB 92-11-7
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Emission Vacuum Diagram in a 78 351M
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Normal Engine Vacuum at Idle; 15-22 in-Hg (-51 to -74 kPa ) in 96 Bronco-F-Series from 1996 All F-150, F-250, F-350, F-Super Duty and Bronco Vehicles Equipped with 4.9L, 5.0L, 5.8L or 7.5L Gasoline Engines, & 7.3L Diesel Engines Workshop Manual
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Vacuum Line Acronyms & Color Codes; EMISSION: Red = Main vacuum; Green = EGR function; Orange = Heat control Valve (exhaust & intake) (AKA heat riser but more complex); Yellow = from the TAD Solenoid (driver's side Forward Solenoid) to the TAD (Diverter) Valve located at the rear of the Intake Manifold (Distributor Advance in Carbureted Engines); White = EGR vacuum (source); Black = Mainly used for the Evaporative emissions control; Black = Thermactor ACV or Diverter valve; Blue = Throttle Kicker control; Pink = from the TAB Solenoid (driver's side rear solenoid) to the bottom of the Thermactor Air Bypass Valve (TAB or BPV/AIR Bypass (AIRB) valve); ACV (Air Control Valve) is the TAD (Thermactor Air Diverter) Valve (AIR Bypass (AIRB) and AIR Diverter (AIRD) valve combinations); MAN VAC is Manifold Vacuum; FPR is Fuel Pressure Regulator; EGR is Exhaust Gas Re-circulation Valve SOL V: Thermactor Air Diverter (TAD) Solenoid (SOL V) (AIRD) & Thermactor Air Bypass (TAB) Solenoid; ; EVR is EGR Vacuum Regulator; VRESER is the Vacuum Reservoir Can (Tank); V REST on later years is Vapor Valve (Roll-Over @ Gas tank); V REST on earlier years such as 78/79 & SEABRONC's 83 is a Vacuum Restictor/Delay Valve, it restricts vacuum for a certain amount of time, on most engines a vacuum line from the carburetor base runs to a T & then to V REST to the distributor; Carbon Can is Carbon Canister (Charcoal Canister, Vapor Canister, Evaporative Emission (EVAP) Canister); MAP is Manifold Absolute Pressure Sensor; AIR BPV is the AIR Bypass (AIRB) Valve, also called the TAB (Thermactor Air Bypass) Valve; CPRV is Canister Purge Solenoid Valve/ Canister Purge Solenoid (CANP); VCKV is Vacuum Check Valve; CAT is catalytic converter; ENG is engine; PCV is Positive Crankcase Ventilation Valve. HVAC in 92-96; Black = from engine source to vacuum check valve & to vacuum reservoir tank & to Control Panel; White = actuates the Outside/Recirc air door two-position vacuum control motor; Blue = Mix (actuates the FLOOR/PANEL air door two-position vacuum control motor); Red = Floor Flow & Yellow = Panel, (actuate the FLOOR/DEFROST three-position air vacuum control motor). READ MORE
Source: by Steve83 (Steve, That dirty old truck), Seabronc (Rosie, Fred W), Seattle FSB & miesk5 at Ford Bronco Zone Forums
Vehicle Emission Control Information (VECI) Decal in an 83 4.9
Source: by Michael C (collinsperformance, The Money Monster) at
Vehicle Emission Control Information (VECI) Decal Overview; "...Manufacturers must use a system standardized by EPA in 1991 for identifying engine families to meet new regulatory requirements for 1994 and later model years. Both the engine family name and the evaporative family names are listed in the box on the emission decal in the area marked as engine/evaporative family information. The first line is the spark plug information. The second line contains the engine size, followed by a dash, and the evaporative family name (12 characters). The third line contains the engine family name (12 characters), and other vehicle specific information..." READ MORE
Source: by Steve83 (Steve, That dirty old truck) at
Vehicle Emission Control Information (VECI) Decal; Contains Vacuum Diagram & Calibration Parts List for 88 & UP. On-Line for Free at Ford. Click "Quick Guides" in left panel; Scroll to & CLICK VECI Labels "Provides Vehicle Emission Control Information (VECI) and a related calibration parts list." Enter applicable info (need to know your Calibration number from your B-pillar sticker). Vacuum Diagram is the same as the one on the core support or hood or air filter cover. Suggest Right Clicking this Hot Link & Open in New Window
Source: by Ford