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"... The bronco chassis is 13" shorter than a pickup in wheelbase, 104 vs 117". That 92" wheelbase spec from the 70's is an Early Bronco. You can mount up a truck cab, the front 4 cab mounts and the core support mounts will all line up. The rear cab mounts, you will have to swap the bronco crossmember for the truck one, as the bronco mounts are outside the frame..."
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1979 (click Next)
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Bronco Specs, Wheel Base, height, width, length, 66 to 96
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Door Jamb Label District, Special Order and Wheelbase Codes in a 96; in 1996 F-150, F-250, F-350, F-Super Duty and Bronco Workshop Manual
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External Dimensions in a 96: overall length (mm): 4,663, overall width (mm): 2,009, overall height (mm): 1,890, wheelbase (mm): 2,659, front track (mm): 1,654, rear track (mm): 1,636 and curb to curb turning circle (mm): 11,156
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Wheel Base & Frame Dimensions, 92 Bronco (other years similar; miesk5 Note; except the 92-96 have the safety related accordion frame section in front - also called the Crumple Zone)
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Wheel Bases, Bronco & Ford Trucks
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