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Rear View Mirror Reattachment TSB 97-17-2 for 90-96 Bronco & Many Other Models & Years
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Connector Location Diagram in a 94 (part of overhead console wiring diagram series); C911 (left vanity mirror lamp), C1048 (E4OD), C913 (day/night mirror auto-lamp sensor), C271 (inertia fuel shut-off), C223 (electronic shift control module), C1012 (MLPS), C1020 (4R70W output shaft speed sensor), C1049 (4R70W), C328 (safing sensor), C404 (DSS/VSS/ABS rear axle sensor), C417 (trailer lamps), C440 (fuel level sender), C220 (to transfer case), C 117 (C6), C127 (neutral safety switch NSS), C161 (hi/low indicator switch), C510 (left front door disarm switch), C299 (RABS valve assembly), C1012 (MLPS), C117, C1025 (C6 for (7.5 & 5.8 over 8500 GVW only), C440 (front fuel tank pump/sending unit Gasoline engines) , C421 (front fuel level tank sending unit Diesel), C403 (chassis cab & 185 in wheelbase only), C427 (rear tank fuel level sender Diesel only), C441 (rear tank fuel level tank sending unit Diesel), C441 (rear tank pump/sending unit chassis cab & 185 in wheelbase only)
Source: by Ford via Ken B (Kenny's 94) at
Connector Location Diagram, in 92-96 (part of Keyless Entry Wiring Diagram for 92-96; scroll to the right); C200, C1048 (E4OD), C911 (left vanity mirror lamp), C271 (inertia fuel shutoff, C268, C509, C203, & C228, C912 (right vanity mirror lamp), right power mirror, C601 or C608, C404 (rear axle sensor-VSS/ABS), C311 & C310 (rear window defroster), manual transmission, C166 (back-up lamp switch), C117, C441 (fuel pump module), C429 (tailgate power window switch), tailgate window switch, C428 (tailgate latch switch, key operated), G401, C209, G200, C213, C221/C222/C223 (electronic shift control module), C220, transfer case assembly, to C161 (4x4 high/low indicator switch), C1020 (BW 1356 Electric Shift on the Fly transfer case (ESOF) output shaft speed (OSS) sensor location), C1012 (transmission range sensor(TR/MLPS), C214, C504 (left door courtesy lamp), C502 (left door lock motor), C503 (window/door lock control switch master, left), C500 (left window motor), C507 (left door speaker)
Source: by Ford via Steve83 (Steve, That dirty old truck) at
Description & Operation, Diagnosis & Testing, Removal & Installation, Cleaning & Inspection, Specifications & Special Service Tools/Equipment
Source: by Ford via
Harness & Component Location Diagram, Ford Part Numbers, Depictions, etc. from Ford Workshop Manual in 96 Bronco, F-150, F-250, F-350, F-Super Duty Chassis Cab & Motorhome Chassis; use your Browser's SEARCH (or FIND) function to locate what you seek in each Diagram, such as Air Bag or E4OD, etc.
Source: by Ford via
Rear View (Electrochromatic) Connector Face Pinout Diagram, C913 Ford part number WPT-584 in 94-96 & other vehicles
Source: by Steve83 (Steve, That dirty old truck) at
Rear View (Electrochromatic) Connector, C913 Ford part number WPT-584 in 94-97 & other vehicles
Source: by miesk5 at FSB
Rear View (Electrochromatic) Installation
Source: by Robert R at
RV Mirror Installation in a 90
Source: by RFR (Mark B) at via
Vanity Mirror Lamp Connector Location in Full Body Diagram in a 96, Page 3
Source: by Ford via Chilton