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Adjustment in a 357 C.I. Windsor
Source: by Tim C (TnTbronco2, Trail Truck, Street Truck, Crazed, Broke, OoG) at
Assembled Stem Height in 351M & 400M, 302 & 351C
Source: by TMeyer, Inc.
General Engine Specifications in 96 Bronco & F-Series from 1996 All F-150, F-250, F-350, F-Super Duty and Bronco Vehicles Equipped with 4.9L, 5.0L, 5.8L or 7.5L Gasoline Engines, & 7.3L Diesel Engines Workshop Manual
Source: by Ford via
Source: by Jack B of
Oil Consumption Test TSB 90-01-09 for 5.0L EFI in 87-90 Bronco, F Series & many others
Source: by Ford via Chilton
Seal Replacement in a 78 F350 460
Source: by HD78bronco (Brian B) at FSB
Seal Replacement pics in a 78 F350 460
Source: by HD78bronco (Brian B) at
Spring Inspection
Source: by Jack B of
Tuning with a Vacuum Gauge
Source: by
Vacuum Gauge Diagnosis
Source: by
Vacuum Gauge Diagnosis - BEST!; Normal engine; Steady gauge 18"-20" at all speeds..." READ MUCH MORE
Source: by Craig U at
Valve Lash Adjustment Video on a 5.0L with pedestal rockers; "...This is a short clip from the valve lash adjustment chapter in volume one. Understand, this video clip is for setting non-adjustable pedestal rocker arm. When I torque the rocker bolts down, they are fully tightened to the head..."
Source: by Kenneth C at Bad Shoe Productions via