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Hypertech Power Module Review in a 94
Source: by Stephen R at via
Installation in a 95 7.3L C-350 (Centurion Conversions)
Source: by BJS at
Installation in a 95 7.3L C-350 (Centurion Conversions); must register to view pics, so see his SM link for the pics
Source: by BJS at
Jet Dyno Sheet - Ford F Series, no Broncos, but has 4.9, 5.0, 5.8 (click on DYNO SHEETS)
Source: by Jet Chip at
Jet Installation Instructions
Source: by Jet Chip at
Opinions by Other Bronco Owners
Source: by miesk5 at Ford Bronco Zone Forums
Tuning for Performance & Economy, Chapter 9, from Ford Fuel Injection and Electronic Engine Control: How to Understand, Service and Modify, 1988-1993
Source: by Charles O. Probst via
TwEECer® Installation
Source: by Ryan M (Fireguy50) at
TwEECer® Installation pics in a Lightning C3P3 in a 90
Source: by BlueBeast (The Beast, JP N) at
TwEECer® Overview, Forums, Downloads, etc.; "...The TwEECer® is an adapter which connects to the J3 service port of a Ford EEC PCM, giving you the ability to substitute parameters in the calibration data with parameters that match the modifications which you have made to your engine..." read more
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