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Identification Based on VIN, Door Jamb Label, Build Sheet (Ford 999 Report), Paint Color Code, VECI Label, Transmission/Differential Pan & Gasket Sizes/Shapes, etc.; "... made a mistake 15 years ago by telling someone to use the Driver's side label to ID their Rear Differential (axle, pumpkin type, etc.); turned out that a previous owner had swapped a Dana 60 in place of the stock 8.8..."
Source: by miesk5 at Ford Bronco Zone Forums
8.8 & 10.25 Bearing & Seal Removal & Installation (under license from Delmar Publishers, comb of Chilton/Nichols/Delmar & Haynes)
Source: by Chilton via Autozone
8.8 Axle Tube Information (thickness); 3.250"
Source: by
9 inch Axle Tube Information (thickness); 3.000" x 0.250" wall
Source: by
9" Dimensions (Backing Plate Mount to Backing Plate Mount) in 66-77 Bronco, 72 Van (3/4 Ton), 64 Falcon, 65-66, 67-70 & 71-73 Mustang, 67 Cougar & Fairlane, 77-81 Granada/Versailles
Source: by
Axle Flanges, WFO & High Angle pics in a 94
Source: by Damon H (Plug Ugly) at
Axle Jig pics in a 78
Source: by John S (SquattyD) at
Axle Shaft Dimensions
Source: by
Dana 44 Axle Shaft Chart, Dana 44, Bronco, Ford & other makes
Source: by Mr. N at
Dana 44 Axle Shaft Dimensions; see Page 64
Source: by Dana
Dana 44 Removal in a 95 (part of Shane's Front Wheel & Spindle Installation; "...NOTE: On the drivers side of my 95, the axle came out with the spindle. If that occurs, just separate the axle and spindle and very carefully re-insert the axle. You may have to turn it a bit to get it to seat fully. Once the axle is back in, move to the next step..."; Miesk5 Note, pull the DRIVER SIDE axle shaft straight out. It shouldn't be too hard to pull out, but beware that it is a tight fit trying to get the U-joint out of the knuckle area of the axle housing. The axle shaft will pull all the way out of the housing. Do not attempt to pull the passenger side axle shaft out in the same manner, as it is held into the third member with a C-clip; in the Dana 44 Parts Break-Out Diagram, Dana calls the C Clip a Snap Ring
Source: by Shane C. (BigBlue, bigbluebronk) at FSB
Dana 60 & Dana 70 Axle Shaft Chart, Ford & other makes
Source: by Mr. N at
Dana 60 Axle Tube Information (thickness); 3.125" x 0.313" wall
Source: by
Differences through the Years; 80-96 Outers are all the same unless it's a 87 with top hat style hubs; 80-96 LH inners are all the same; 80-82 RH centers are different to accommodate bolt on centers; 83-96 RH centers are all the same; 80-83 slip yokes are 5.5 inches; 84-96 slip yokes are 5.06 inches
Source: by philofab at
Unimog Axle pics in a 79
Source: by OX1 (OX, Jim, James O, Bronco Ranger XLT GREEN_DILYSI) at