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Cargo Area Dimensions: length (mm): 1,5801 = 62.2 inches and width between arches (mm): 1,290 = 50.78 inches
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Interior in 92-96 (in mm)
Source: by Steve83 (Steve, That dirty old truck) at
Interior in a 95; "...A= apx. 22" to the beginning of the wheelwell slope. B= apx. 72" to the bottom of the seatback, course it's on a sliding track and this may not be all the way back. C= 48" Bronco's are based off fullsize trucks, which were always meant to be able to haul standard sheets of plywood or drywall, which are typically 4' wide..."
Source: by Shadofax (TheJuice, The Juice, Mark Z) at FSB
Interior in an 83; "...The rear seat angles back, and the t/g angles forward. So a "B" measurement taken at the floor will be significantly different from one taken at the beltline. I just folded my seat open to check. From the t/g to the actual seat base (upholstery) at the floor, it's 39". But my '80-91 seat belt reels & the seat latch stick out the back, reducing it to ~36". At the beltline, there's only ~30" from the top of the t/g to the seatback..."
Source: by Steve83 (Steve, That dirty old truck) at FSB
Internal dimensions: front headroom (mm): 1,046, rear headroom (mm): 998, front hip room (mm): 1,580, rear hip room (mm): 1,405, front leg room (mm): 1,044, rear leg room (mm): 958, front shoulder room (mm): 1,648 and rear shoulder room (mm): 1,648
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