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Freeze Plug & Block Heater Installation
Source: by Ford via Steve83 (Steve, That dirty old truck) at
Freeze Plug Recommendation & pic in an 86 5.0; Napco 263-564; "...This is an expandable frost plug. I've had one last over 9 years, so yes they will work for the Winter..."
Source: by Sixlitre (Malcolm H, Eddie Bauer) at
High Idle & Dieseling Troubleshooting Chart in a 94, from PCED Chart 7 for a 94; Preliminary Checks; Overheating or not Reaching Normal Operating Temperature, Vacuum Leaks, Throttle Plate & Linkage, Speed Control Chain Binding/Sticking, Air Intake Tube/ Intake Manifold Leaks..." READ MORE
Source: by Ford via Steve83 (Steve, That dirty old truck) at
Installation Tips; "...You may be able to install a new frost plug just by using a hole saw to drill access for a socket extension through one of the plastic inner fenderwells.Use a punch in the top edge of the old frost plug and whack itso the bottom lip comes out far enough for you to clamp a pair of vicegrips on. Once you have it with the vicegrips you'll be able to lever it out no problems. Loctite for the frost plug, ultracopper for the rubber expanding repair plug.
Source: by Sixlitre (Malcolm H, Eddie Bauer) at FSB
Leak Detection, General
Source: by
Location pic in a 94 5.8
Source: by WasACop3436 (Chris) at
Location pic in a 94 5.8; Starter area
Source: by WasACop3436 (Chris) at
Location pic in a 94 5.8; Steve83 wrote in the FSB Thread; "...The freeze plugs you can see back there are ON the heads - not below them. The ones on the back of the block are all inside the bellhousing.."
Source: by CodysBigBlueBronco (how much $???) at
Location pic in an 85 4.9 (F 150); "...Here you can kind of see a freze plug. Only about 1/3 of it is visable behind the cable going to the starter. Its a 1.5" diamater plug thats pressed in place on the side of the block or on the front and back of each head. The holes are there because in the casting prosess of making the engine block there has to be something holding the casting for the water jacket. Then the holes get pluged up. Its called a freeze plug because if the coolant in the engine freezes it usually pops them out. But on some of the later blocks it has just a good of a chance as cracking the block instead..."
Source: by MikE2 (Paul I, F 150, Blackie for right now) at FSB
Location pics in a 94 5.8
Source: by WasACop3436 (Chris) at FSB
Location pics; "...The freeze plugs you can see back there are ON the heads - not below them. The ones on the back of the block are all inside the bellhousing.."
Source: by Steve83 (Steve, That dirty old truck) at FSB
Locations in an 89 5.8; "...Three large per side..Rear of the cam journal .Two small in the front by the cam journal. One medium size in the top back of the lifter valley.One threaded per side. One threaded in the front by the dizzy hole..."
Source: by Aikidoka (Adam O) at FSB
Replacement in a 94 5.8; "...I recently had to replace one of my freeze plugs, the one behind the power steering pump. Just use the brown gasket maker and a socket that just fits inside and just pound it home.. I doubt the others have any more room to swing a hammer than the one I did. I ended up putting a 3ft long piece of pipe inside the socket and hitting it where I had room, like a big extension..."
Source: by RobertF at FSB
Replacement; "...The one behind the engine mount is gonna be a huge pain to do without pulling or at least lifting the motor. Go in from the bottom, after draining the water in the radiator, drain the block as well, or just pop the plug and be ready to get hosed. A screw driver or punch to knock it sideways so you can grab it with pliers is the picture purfect way to do it, but its between the engine and the mount so I really doubt your gonna be able to do it. Once you do get all of it out install by taking a socket a little smaller then the plug, some RTV around the edge, and tap her home..."
Source: by 81Bronk36 (1BadBronco, Matt K) at FSB
Replacement; Steve83 wrote here that There are ~8 freeze plugs (and a few bore plugs that look identical) in a V8 block, plus 1 in each end of each head. Yardape said in same thread; Ive done it that way before, undo the mount on the side you are working, lift the engine a bit. The remove the motor mount from the block and your set. To really make your life easier you can remove the exhaust manifold. crazyhorse85 wrote; Most of the time you won't have to pull the engine....Like yardape was sayin i've changed mine with it still sitting in the truck.....Take the manifold or header loose and loosen the mount jack her up alittle remove the mount and there should be enough room to operate....One suggestion replace with brass freeze plugs they last alot longer and don't corriode as bad or fast as steel.....And don't let autozone try to talk you into the rubber exspandable one they don't work worth a crap....
Source: by members at Ford Bronco Zone Forums